Busy Dad Drops 70 lbs in 22 Weeks! Here’s the Secret to his Success | Dr. Ashley Show EP44

May 7, 2024

In this episode of The Dr. Ashley Show, I sit down with Bryan Jetter, a remarkable client of our PhD Weight Loss Program. Bryan shares his inspiring journey of shedding over 70 pounds in just 22 weeks and successfully reversing several chronic diseases. Bryan discusses the strategies and mindset shifts that drove his transformation through the guidance of the PHD Weight Loss Team. Join us as we dive into Bryan’s weight loss experience and uncover actionable insights for achieving sustainable weight loss even with a crazy schedule 100 Hour/ Week work schedule.

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Introduces Bryan Jetter
00:55 Bryan’s Weight Loss Journey
05:40 Why PhD Weight Loss Program
09:37 Busy Schedule Before PhD Weight Loss Program
13:22 Difference After PhD Weight Loss Program
16:19 During PhD Weight Loss Program
24:33 Bryan’s Next Goals
26:37 Advice To Those People Who Are Too Busy
31:45 Advice To Someone Who’s Getting Started

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