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As demonstrated by these two peer-reviewed published clinical trials: Hallberg et al.1 and Bhanpuri et al.2 Individual results may vary.

Meet Our PHD Weight Loss Founder:

Dr. Ashley Lucas PhD, RD

PHD Owner & Founder Dr. Ashley Lucas has 15+ years of education in nutrition and metabolism. She holds a PhD in Sports Nutrition and Chronic Disease and is a Licensed Registered Dietitian (RD).

Following years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Lucas developed PHD's science-based approach that focuses on metabolic wellness, inflammation reduction, and most importantly behavioral/emotional support that creates profound sustainable changes in the mind and body.

Join our thousands of clients who enjoy continued success through living & embracing the PHD Lifestyle.

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PHD Founder Dr. Ashley Lucas

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Down 185 Lbs in 52 Weeks

"I had to do something to lose it all, because I didn't want to die in ten years."

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*PHD client before and after pictures represent the dramatic change resulting from the PHD dietary protocol and behavioral approach. Weight loss results vary per individual.

Tammy dropped 57.5 lbs in 25 weeks!
David dropped 63 lbs in 20 weeks!
Julie dropped 123 lbs!
Steven dropped 112 lbs in 37 weeks!
Vicky let go of 42 lbs!
Nick let go of 72 lbs!
Lauren went down 47.4 lbs in 28 weeks!
Greg dropped 88 lbs in 25 weeks!
Nancy let go of 23 lbs!
Aaron let go of 56 lbs!
Leslie let go of 40 lbs!
John let go of 60 lbs!
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How The PHD Approach Works Uniquely For You

There is a way to escape diet failure, frustration and continued weight gain cycling and it’s not by counting calories or moving more and eating less. The human body is much more complicated than a simple in and out equation. The PHD approach does not use expensive medications, hormones or even supplements. We use nutrition education (unconventional from usual dietary wisdom) and behavioral work to create profound changes in your mind and body that will ultimately impact every aspect of your life.

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