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PHD Client Experiences

*Individual Results May Vary

PHD Life Changes

  • Lauren H.
    Lauren H.

    Lauren went down 47.4 lbs in 28 weeks!

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  • Mary M.
    Mary M.

    Mary let go of 49.4 lbs in 17 weeks!

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  • Andy P.
    Andy P.

    Andy dropped 51 lbs in 16 weeks!

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  • Vince L.
    Vince L.

    Vince let go of 88 lbs in 23 weeks!

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  • Tony C.
    Tony C.

    Tony dropped 115.8 lbs in 31 weeks!

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  • Elizabeth D.
    Elizabeth D.

    Elizabeth went down 31.4 lbs in 13 weeks!

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  • Brenda Y.
    Brenda Y.

    Brenda let go of 74 lbs in 34 weeks!

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  • Charlie S.
    Charlie S.

    Charlie went down 58.4 lbs in 18 weeks!

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  • Christine S.
    Christine S.

    Christine let go of 98 lbs in 50 weeks!

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  • Deb K.
    Deb K.

    Deb dropped 49.4 lbs in 27 weeks!

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*Individual Results May Vary

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Official sports nutrition and weight loss program of the Skyhawks

This is a lifestyle.

A scientifically based program providing a customized approach to efficient and successful long-term weight loss.  Founded upon evidence-based principles, a commitment to excellence and a premier reputation.

Reverse or Improve

Your Type 2 Diabetes1

Decrease Your Medications<sup>1</sup>

Decrease Your Medications1

0 %
of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage after 1 year
Lower Your A1C<sup>1</sup>

Lower Your A1C1

0 %
Average HbA1c reduction after 1 year

Significantly Improve

Other Chronic Conditions1, 2

Decrease Blood Pressure2

Improve Liver Function1

Improve Cholesterol2

Reduce Inflammation2

As demonstrated by these two peer-reviewed published clinical trials: Hallberg et al.1  and Bhanpuri et al.2 Individual results may vary.

Learn the Art & Science of Healthy Living.

There is a way to escape diet failure, frustration and continued weight gain cycling and it’s not by counting calories or moving more and eating less.  The human body is much more complicated than a simple in and out equation.  Learn more about our customized and novel weight loss approach.

How it works

A revolutionary approach for achieving effective weight loss without hunger, starvation, or medications.

Our PHD Team will create your customized meal plan
Our PHD Team will create your customized meal plan

Choose from a selection of our convenient and satisfying food products to help you through some meals and snacks, or let us guide you using all of your own food.

Weekly 1:1 Coaching & Innovative Technologies. You can expect extensive:
Weekly 1:1 Coaching & Innovative Technologies. You can expect extensive:

• Nutrition Education
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Weekly Food Log Analysis
• Recipes/Dining Out Guides
• Travel and Holiday Guidance
• Behavioral Taped Audio Sessions
• Lymphatic Therapy

Free Long-term Maintenance Support
Free Long-term Maintenance Support

We will never leave your side as we understand the journey of weight maintenance is the most important one. The PHD Weight Loss Approach provides long-term support for Free, Forever!

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Our mission is to change lives:  Yours by transforming your health and quality of life and others currently suffering from hunger by donating to Feeding America, the leading, national, hunger non-profit.  For every pound you let go of, PHD donates to Feeding America to provide meals to families in need.

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