Lauren H.

I have struggled with being overweight and out of shape with severe fatigue and tremendous arthritic pain, that worsens with each year that passes. At age 42, my osteoarthritis was so severe, I [...]

Traci T.

After turning 40, I started to realize that I needed to take my health much more seriously. I was feeling tired, achy and blah.  I had witnessed firsthand the results some of my friends and [...]

Jasmine L.

I learned about PHD Advanced Nutrition through a co-worker after noticing that she had lost a lot of weight.  She said she was very pleased with her experience. I was in a place in my life where [...]

Cheryl L.

Dr. Lucas is very knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and health impacted by my diet.  She answered my questions thoroughly and logically. I found the prepared meals tasteful and filling, [...]

Jeff T.

Two years ago, at age 49, Ashley Lucas and her husband Doug changed my life. However, this isn’t one of those “I was close to death stories.” Quite the opposite, I was already in pretty good [...]

Tom G.

After 25 years of sitting behind a desk and shouldering a tremendous amount of daily stress, it was time to retire at age 58 for my own good. My career years increasingly made my life more [...]

Anne K.

Skinny was not my goal, I wanted a healthy weight and lifestyle!  I have never been on a diet before. I came to PHD because my doctor advised me to get soe simple nutrition advice to improve my [...]

Bill H.

I have a somewhat different perspective than most on the Ph.D. Nutrition approach to nutrition and weight loss. As a retired research scientist with a Ph.D. in the fields of physiology and [...]

Dan L.

The PHD staff is helpful and knowledgeable – encouraging, not critical.  The diet was not painful; it wasn’t difficult to succeed. I didn’t get hungry.  My weight loss was slow and steady but [...]

Karen S.

I so love Dr. Ashley Lucas and her staff.  Her program changed my life. As a so called middle aged woman, my weight kept increasing no matter how hard I tried to lose the extra pounds.  I thought [...]

Steve N.

I have been gaining weight over the years and began having difficulty doing some of the things I enjoy.  With diets and weight loss it can be confusing with all the conflicting information on the [...]

JoAnne H.

I, like so many people, have struggled with my weight for years.  I never felt obese; my clothes just didn’t fit well and I wouldn’t want to look at myself for long in a full length [...]

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