Performance. Health. Diet.   Put all three together and you have PHD. You can also call it the triple threat. The mastering of all three is so beneficial to not only the body but to [...]

Maintenance…Now What?

Maintenance – I made it, now what?   Maintenance – A milestone that may have never seemed achievable until now. You did it, way to go! You’ve collapsed that hungry fat mass and now are [...]

The Darker the Better

The Darker the Better: Dark Chocolate Facts & Benefits   On special occasions, when you are craving something sweet and delicious – grab some dark chocolate. Please note, that for [...]

Inspiring Kids!

Inspiring a Generation of Kids to Be Healthy!   September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and we want to bring awareness and inspiration, so that we can provide resources on how we can [...]

Let’s Do Yoga

Yoga   There are so many benefits of a yoga practice, and I’d like to emphasize less of the exercise part of yoga, which is mainly what is being promoted currently in the West.  The great [...]

Food Journal Benefits

Journaling: the importance of recording more than just your food!    Whether you use a pen and paper or use an app on your phone, there is no wrong way to keep a food journal.  Keeping a [...]

Living Gluten Free

Celiac Disease Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet while living with Celiac disease can be done!  Diagnosing the disease early is key as Celiac disease can cause serious health conditions [...]

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