Who Do You Trust?

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The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are bogus. They’re based on big food and pharma industry interests and not our health and wellbeing.

A study published recently in the journal of Public Health Nutrition found that 95% of the committee members (that’s 19 out of 20) who created the most recent edition of the guidelines (2020-2025) had a conflict of interest with the food and/or pharmaceutical industries (article here).

The study also found that many of those 19 members had multiple connections with particular food and pharma groups like Kellogg, Abbott, Kraft, Mead Johnson, General Mills, Dannon, and International Life Sciences.

This is wild because these are the folks who get together every five years and tell us what to eat…

Would you trust this committee?

Now it makes a little bit more sense as to why we have the absurd 6 -11 servings of grain per day recommendation! It also explains why sugar-ladened, highly processed cereal showcases the “heart healthy” stamp. Ultimately, it appears that the biggest components of the food pyramid and “MyPlate” represent the biggest industries and their wallet size. No wonder our dietary guidelines continue to push high profit margin, low protein, addictive, grain, sugar, and refined oil-based diets. It makes for highly profitable customers who become highly profitable patients.

The study further concluded that the 2020 – 2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans failed to achieve the recommended standard for transparency and there were no mechanisms in place to make this information publicly available.

It’s time to break free from the mold and be vigilant in protecting yourself from private sector interest that may negatively impact your health. C’mon, let’s go!

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~Dr. Ashley

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