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Recently our founder, Dr. Ashley Lucas, published her groundbreaking e-book, The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to download your copy here.

Below is an excerpt from the book:

“For so long we’ve been inundated with the story that weight gain is our fault. We’ve been told that we are fat because we are lazy and eat too much; we’ve been the victim. Meanwhile, statistics show that 95% of diets we do on our own fail. Most of us have come away from all of this with the belief that we’ve been struggling with excess pounds because we have a flaw in personality, we lack willpower, we have poor discipline, or all of the above.

Fundamentally different than the millions of fad weight loss diet books and contradictory “eat this, not that” books, The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets helps you discover why weight gain isn’t your fault and dives into the five simple components of successful weight loss and maintenance. Written by Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD nutritionist and expert in the field of weight management, who has been there personally as a master in chronic dieting and over-exercise, this book will help empower you to view yourself and your past struggles with weight loss in a new way. This book will shed light on potential roadblocks that have been preventing your weight loss success and offer simple lifestyle strategies allowing you to break free, all without a single mention of calories.”

Be sure to check it out and encourage your friends and family to download the e-book as well. Share the wealth of health!

In gratitude,

Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD
Owner and Founder

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