The Mindset of Successful People

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“Successful people make decisions quickly and stick by them.”

I have to remind myself of this EVERY day. It’s definitely not my natural inclination. Truthfully, I prefer to sit and mull, and ultimately procrastinate. So, I have to WORK on this every day and have made this my mantra, understanding that this is the mindset of people who reach their goals and well, I want to be one of these people.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of a goal, out of something you really want and know you really need, isn’t it? It’s easy to walk right over an opportunity. For example, maybe you’re wanting to improve your health, have more energy, do more things and create a great quality of life for yourself. But when the opportunity comes for you to do JUST that, you find a way to talk yourself out of it. After 10+ years in the field, I have heard them all…

“It won’t work for me.”
“I can do it on my own.”
“I should do it on my own.”
“I don’t have the money.”
“My schedule is too busy.”
“I won’t like the food.”
“My spouse won’t support me.”
“It’ll be too restrictive.”
“My friends will be my cheerleaders instead.”
“My doctor says I should use an app.”
“I already know how to eat healthy.”

I ask you to sit with this, and consider for a minute if this resonates. Do you talk yourself out of the things you say you want?

The positive thing about this is that once you recognize this is the case, you can change it immediately. It takes practice, it won’t be perfect, but remind yourself that:

Successful people make decisions quickly and stick by them.

With love and SUCCESS,

~Dr. Ashley

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