The “How-To” For Starting New Habits

To review our previous discussions on habits: you can’t remove an undesired habit-you can only replace it with a desired habit.  In other words, if you want to stop snacking at night, you have to [...]


How Habits Affect Our Lives

Considering that 40% of our daily life is automatic and habitual, we can agree that habits definitely affect our lives.  Habits shape our daily lives and our daily lives shape our future. Our [...]


Why Is It So Hard to Break a Habit?

Habits… we all have them.  We could all make a long list of habits we’d like to break and maybe some we’d like to start.  That’s the easy part, listing them. The difficult part is actually [...]



Performance. Health. Diet.   Put all three together and you have PHD. You can also call it the triple threat. The mastering of all three is so beneficial to not only the body but to [...]

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