Ocean to Plate Benefits

From ocean, to oven, to your plate   In Ormond Beach, we are indeed spoiled by living here along the good old east coast. You’ve got the sun, sand, and beautiful tree lines that could almost [...]


What’s Hot with Health?

What’s Hot with Health Quick, grab the sunscreen, summer is coming and it’s going to be a hot one! I can already feel it now. The warm sun on my face and a nice iced water with some electrolytes [...]


National Kidney Day

National Kidney Day   What are your kidneys? AND why are they so important? Your kidneys are two bean shaped organs that’s primary role is to extract waste from your blood, balance [...]


Japanese Cuisine and the Benefits

Japanese Cuisine and the Benefits   Alyce is a PHD Associate and her husband is from Japan. She has had the great opportunity to familiarize herself with Japanese traditions. Japan is an [...]


Achieving Goals with Support

Foundations for Achieving Your Goals In our western culture, we often believe that we should be able to achieve our goals on our own. But when it comes to weight loss, a support system and [...]


Overcoming Challenges

Healthy Living During Social Gatherings & Holidays Among the most challenging situations you can face while adopting a healthier lifestyle or losing weight are social gatherings and parties. [...]


Healthy Habits

Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle When medical professionals talk about treating the whole person, they’re looking at the physical, emotional, mental and behavioral aspects to their [...]


Building Blocks of Protein

Building Blocks of a Healthy Lifestyle As you begin to change your diet, remember to include protein! Protein is important for building, maintaining, and repairing all the tissues in your body, [...]

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