PHD has a solution: The FREE and LIFETIME Maintenance Program

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“You are strong enough to make it to Maintenance,
and you are strong enough to be successful
in Maintenance”
~Julie, Asheville Maintenance Client

Learning how to keep the weight off for good is among one of the top reasons why clients have chosen to work with PHD.  Many of them have successfully collapsed more than 50 pounds on their own or with other programs, however, they found themselves putting their weight back on over a period of time.  This cycle – weight loss and weight regain –  has been on repeat for years, decades, and for some, their entire lives. It is no wonder why many of our clients come to PHD feeling discouraged, disheartened and skeptical that they can not only drop the weight, but also, finally be able to maintain their weight loss for good.  They lack the confidence in themselves or in any program that offers a solution.

However, PHD has a solution: The FREE and LIFETIME Maintenance Program.

The Maintenance Program is what PHD is known for.  Everything we do in the weight loss phase – successfully collapse the visceral fat mass, shift our clients’ nutrition away from the conventional dietary wisdom that doesn’t work, change the neural pathways in the brain that lead to a different way of thinking, and teach our clients important skills for successful weight maintenance (e.g. dining out, reading food labels, traveling, avoiding overeating, overcoming sabotaging thoughts and triggers, resisting cravings, etc.)  is preparing our clients for long term success.  So when our clients enter Maintenance, they are ready (metabolically and mentally), they are confident, and they are strong enough to successfully keep their weight off for good. However, they are not doing it alone.

In the Maintenance Program, our clients will participate in monthly recovery weigh-ins and coaching sessions as they discover – with our professionals –  their unique carbohydrate tolerance level. That way they know how to eat for their unique body for the rest of their lives.  Also, as life’s opportunities (and curve balls!) present themselves, and if our clients find themselves reverting to old coping skills, habits and behaviors, we are here to quickly and effectively guide them back on track, without shame or judgment.

Optimal health is a journey, not a destination.  As we age and evolve, our bodies and its needs do too. That’s why PHD offers lifetime support and access to resources to guide our clients along the way, including meal plan reviews, behavioral modification audio sessions, recipes, nutrition coaching/counseling, continuing education opportunities, and partnerships with wellness affiliates who are available for elevated coaching, care and additional support.  The fun NEVER stops!

So, with PHD by your side, there is no need to fear weight maintenance. Together, WE will achieve long term weight loss success and optimal health.

~ Dr. Ashley

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