You’re never too far away, let our services come to you!

We now serve clients in your home!

If you are ready and dedicated to transform your life, but experience these barriers below, call us to learn more about our at-home program.

 Your home is too far away from our offices for convenient travel

 Your schedule is too busy to accommodate weekly in-office appointments

 You have a disability preventing you from weekly in-office appointments

“Receive the same individualized care as our local clients at the comfort of your own home.”

PHD Advanced Nutrition Distance Clients

We’ll send you a scale

We’ll send you our favorite body composition scale that accurately measure weight, body fat, and muscle mass.  We may also ask for photos to assess your unique body composition.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

You will have weekly coaching sessions with our Certified PHD Consultants and health coaches.  Your sessions will include Nutrition education, cognitive behavioral therapy, food record analysis and Self Mastery Techniques.  All of our clients, local or remote, receive the same guidance and care.

Timely Food Shipments

If you choose to utilize our PHD foods (free to you), we will send regular food shipments to your home.  If you want to utilize all of your own foods, you are always welcome to do so.

Longterm Support

Just as we do for our local clients, once you achieve your unique healthy body composition, we will provide you with long term support for FREE, FOREVER!  We will never leave your side as we understand the journey of weight maintenance is the most important one.

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