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Natural way to lose weight- Performance, health and diet are the formula for this plan

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Intro: (00:00)
Wellness Wednesday is sponsored by PhD, weight loss and nutrition.

Female Interviewer: (00:05)
Performance, health, diet. Our next guest says it’s the formula for successful weight loss.

Male Interviewer: (00:11)
We welcome Dr. Ashley Lucas with PhD weight loss to the show. Hello Dr. Lucas, Dr. Ashley, how are you doing today?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (00:18)
I’m great. Thanks for having me.

Female Interviewer: (00:19)
So weight loss is complicated. In fact, you say it’s so much more than calories in and calories out. So tell us a little bit more about that.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (00:28)
You know, we’ve just been inundated with this message, that we need to move more and eat less, but the body is much more complicated than calories in and calories out. You would have to run 350 miles or cycle on your bike for a thousand miles to burn just 10 pounds of fat. And so when we try to drop weight by restricting calories and moving more, it’s really unsustainable high risk of Regain relapses. Um, so it’s just not a sustainable outcome.

Male Interviewer: (00:57)
So Dr Ashley you believe that weight gain is not our fault. Is that correct ?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (01:00)
Yeah. So what happens in our lives is we have these triggers that change the way we tolerate our food, and we can continue to eat the way we did before the trigger. But now it results in this weight gain. We start to accumulate this fat in the belly and this belly fat actually grows its own blood vessels. It secretes its own hormones. And all it wants to do is get fatter as fast as possible. So when you’re carrying around this belly fat, it’s like this tumor and it’s secrets these hormones that encourage hunger and cravings and a slow metabolism. It makes you lazy because the last thing this fat mass wants to do is to expend a ton of energy. So really this weigh gain is not your fault. It’s not driven by a flaw in personality or lack of willpower or discipline. It’s all hormonally driven by this fat mass that is hungry, That’s in the belly.

Female Interviewer: (01:51)
So your approach to weight loss is holistic. So how does that attribute to long term success?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (01:54)
Yeah, you know, 80% of any big change, which I think weight loss classifies comes from the mind. So we really look at each individual as a unique person, the mental, emotional, the habits and behaviors, all of that is a huge aspect associated with creating long term change when it comes to dropping weight.

Male Interviewer: (02:15)
So how do people achieve weight, loss and well being?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (02:19)
Yeah. We customize our program to each individual. We create a meal plan that’s specific to you. So telling you exactly what, when and how much to eat, we provide about 85% of the food at no additional costs. So that would cover for most of our clients breakfast, most of lunch, their snack, but the dinner meal is their responsibility. So they’re learning how to create meals, how to cook or dine out one meal at a time. So that meal plan is very specific and very simple and easy to follow. And then with the weekly one-on-one coaching that we do with our nutritionists, addiction recovery specialists, really focusing again on each person as real human, looking at the mental, emotional, and the habits behaviors.

Female Interviewer: (03:04)
Okay. So you teach people how to burn fat naturally. Tell us more about that as we take a look at some of these before and after pictures.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (03:11)
Yeah. So what we want to do is we want to create this metabolic shift in the body. It’s not about, um, being, you know, low carb or following an Atkins diet or keto diet or being vegan. It’s about really focusing on the body metabolically and what it needs, and that’s unique for each individual. So through that, we can really teach the body how to get into the safe state of fat burn. You don’t have hunger, you don’t have cravings. You don’t have to restrict calories or chronically exercise.

Male Interviewer: (03:40)
Well, thank you. To learn more, call PhD weight loss. The number is 980 237 9090. You can also visit myPhdweightloss.com to download their free ebook. Dr. Ashley. Thank you very much.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (03:54)
Yeah. Thanks you guys. My pleasure.

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