Is Lack of Clarity Holding You Back?

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Have you ever made a decision to do something and found yourself stuck or unable to take the next step?

If “yes” is your answer, you’re not alone.

When you struggle to move forward it’s often not because you haven’t committed to your decision, but because you lack clarity on how to get there.

A simple online search for guidance on how to achieve your health goals, for example, can turn into information overload very quickly. The nutrition and weight loss industry is so LOUD right now. There are hundreds of different weight loss programs and approaches with such wild claims that it can actually STOP you from making a decision.

Which “perfect protocol”, plan or nutritional belief system should you go with?

Maybe you’ve committed to a “system” before only to realize you needed more than that to be successful. If this is you, it’s most likely because behavior change is complex. True, sustainable transformation is more complex than what can be gleaned from the latest weight loss app, a fancy meal plan and/or precooked meals, joining a 6-week boot camp, hiring a personal trainer or even making that all important decision to change.

While you may feel highly motivated and crystal clear when you purchase that subscription plan or meal service, you’ll likely discover that at some point your drive diminishes. Maybe you’ll hear yourself say the dreaded, “I’ll start tomorrow” as your motivation fleets.

Our goal at PHD is to take all of the misconceptions about weight loss and create some clarity in the matter, while recognizing that EVERYONE is unique in their nutrition preferences, tolerances, and needs. We understand that long-term support and accountability are key to sustainable change.

The process of dropping weight and maintaining it is a complicated one and it isn’t as simple as counting calories or points or counting anything for that matter. It’s not about restricting a food group, exercising more, or eating between 12-8pm. It’s about figuring out what’s right for YOU metabolically, nutritionally, and behaviorally. This is what ultimately Resets the Scale.

With love and wishing you CLARITY,

~Dr. Ashley
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