Health Experts Recommended These Places To Eat In Charlotte, NC.

 In Charlotte

Healthy Places to Eat – They Are Not To Be Missed!

Finding healthy food spots has become highly challenging since we always see our surroundings buzzing with unhealthy junk food.

Of course, you can’t just skip dining out as many people find it recreational and mood-boosting. If you are struggling to lose weight or are wanting to keep the weight off, why not eat at healthy places?! There are plenty of options out there.

Looking for some healthy and non-junk food inspirations in Charlotte, NC? Let’s explore these amazing places!

You would be thrilled to know that our very skilled health experts from PHD Weight Loss have recommended these restaurants.

We have rounded up the list. Let’s walk you through it.

Want To Dine Out and Feel Confident? Give These Nutritionist-Recommended Places A Try!

The expert nutritionists and health-conscious pros at PHD Weight Loss say that eating nutrient-rich food boosts your immunity and brings about positive change in your body. 

Are you fond of trying out new restaurants in your town but don’t want to gain weight? We have something GREAT for you.

Go through the list, and you might find your next food place destination.

  1.   Zoës Kitchen – Commendable Variety

One of the best places that fitness enthusiasts visit in Charlotte is Zoes Kitchen. They serve a variety of healthy foods. You can fill your tummy and still be able to continue your low carb diet. The customer service is excellent there.

Cauli rice and roasted veggies are their specialties. Looking for an ideal, healthy place to devour lunches and celebrate events? Welcome to Zoes Kitchen.

Here is the location: 1823 E Arbors Dr Suite 320, Charlotte, NC 28262.

  1.   YAFO Kitchen – Classic Mediterranean Food

YAFO runs by the narrative that eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. All the food has to be authentic. The food there is made by pairing Mediterranean fare with bold Middle-Eastern flavors.

If you are a fan of spicy food, YAFO Kitchen should be your next restaurant destination. The food items on the menu are all absolutely healthy and fresh. They serve fresh juices with 100% authentic side dishes, of course, fully spiced up and delicious.

This restaurant won’t put you in guilt for even overeating. So, don’t miss out on this!

Location: 720 Governor Morrison St #120, Charlotte, NC 28211

  1.   CHOPT Creative Salads – A Perfect Spot For Healthy Lunches

Salad lovers should pay their visit to CHOPT. They have tons of salad options. Plus, their dressings and toppings are exquisitely tasty. Their creativity with salads is highly commendable.

Munch as much as you can with CHOPT Creative Salads. They have a sea of salads you would love to swim in!

Location: 9844 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277-6708

  1.   VIVA Chicken – Go-To Chicken Spot

If you are a fan of Rotisserie chicken and finely sauteed veggies, then this Peruvian-based fast-casual dining place, VIVA, should be on your list to visit in Charlotte.

Their chicken is cooked following strict health guidelines. You can eat out there knowing you are supporting your best health.

Location: 1617 Elizabeth Ave Elizabeth Location, Charlotte, NC 28204-2541

Wrapping It Up!

Sit back and relax with our recommendations as they are clearly stated by our health pros of PHD Weight Loss. You can also directly visit them @ 7629-B Pineville-Matthews Rd Charlotte, NC 28226.

Cheers to your health!


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