Dreams Do Come True…A Message From Our Founder

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This picture of what looks like a random door means more to me than words can express. This is a picture of my first PHD office. Inside a building in Durango, CO – 750 sq. feet and just me. I was so nervous signing the lease, fearing I wouldn’t be able to cover rent. I recorded a few radio spots of me talking about PHD’s foundational premise and shared my cell phone number as a call to action.  Looking back I think- who does that? I had no phone line except my cell phone – so yes- all of Durango could call me at any time. My great business plan was to answer my phone when prospective clients called only when my two boys (then both under the age of 3) were napping simultaneously.  I remember being in Walmart when I was caught off guard and accidentally answered my phone when my first interested client called. I hurried my boys to the toy aisle and let them have at it (don’t judge- I cleaned it up).

I never had a vision of what I wanted PHD to become, but every day I acted in alignment with my beliefs and values- to always do my best, to give 110%, to care to my core for each person who stepped through my door, to be courageous and to embrace discomfort. I know I’ve got so much more learning and growing to do. But in the meantime, I’ve got to say my heart is completely filled with gratitude.

Six years later, with 5 beautiful offices (YES folks, that’s FIVE with our PHD Charlotte opening THIS MONTH!!!) in locations across the country, a powerful nationwide at-home program, 40 absolutely AMAZING, TALENTED and EMPOWERED women on our PHD Team, and thousands of inspiring clients who comprise our PHD family, I KNOW in my heart ️that anything is possible and dreams do come true.

In gratitude,

Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD
Owner and Founder

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