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Dr. Ashley Lucas on weight loss and nutrition


Transcribed Text of Mike Gallagher Podcast – Interview with Dr Ashley Lucas.

Mike: (00:00)
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Mike: (00:21)
It’s been a joy to tell everybody about my PhD weight loss and nutrition. You know, I’ve been in this business over 40 years. I’ve never endorsed any kind of a weight loss or nutrition program before. And believe me, I’ve been asked many times, but this is a kind of a personal private thing about losing weight and people’s health. I have been blown away with hearing the success stories of very close people to my life with my PhD weight loss and nutrition. And I want you to meet the founder: Dr. Ashley Lucas has years of education in nutrition metabolism. She has a PhD in sports, nutrition, and chronic disease as a licensed registered dietician. And I know Dr. Lucas, you’re real proud of the success stories that we get to share on the radio every day with my PhD. Great having you on the program and congratulations on helping so many people, not only take off the weight, but keep the weight off.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (01:16)
Yeah, that’s right. Thanks Mike. It’s a pleasure to be with you today.

Mike: (01:20)
Well, you know, I saw this number you’ve you guys have helped clients lose a combined 100,000 pounds. Man, Oh man. And again, I know your clients personally, Joey Hudson, Phildon Culbreth, Jolene, Peg Hudson, so many people in my life have lost a ton of weight. They’ve kept it off. You just got to share with our audience what the difference is about the PhD plan than other weight loss programs.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (01:48)
Yeah, well, you know, I think the number one thing is we understand that weight gain really isn’t your fault, right? It doesn’t have to do with a lack of willpower or a flaw in personality or low discipline, but it’s really this metabolic situation that comes up in our lives that we can overcome if we want. We just have to figure out what our body needs. And everybody is so different that we really customize the program according to each individual and what their needs are. And so, you know, my weight loss and our bodies are so much more complicated than calories in and calories out. And most of the time and all the diet plans that I know that are out there focused on just calorie restriction and telling you to move more, right? Like it’s your fault. But I find that we can continue to do those things and not see success. You know, my path I was, yeah, go ahead, Mike.

Mike: (02:44)
Well, I mean, I’ve tried over the years and did not find success and ran into a brick wall, but I’ve spent a lot of time with you learning about the science of nutrition. Can we focus on that a little bit? What do you mean by the science of nutrition?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (03:00)
Yeah, well, um, you know, understanding what the body needs, understanding what we need to eat so that we don’t experience hunger or craving. You know, in my past I was a professional ballet dancer, and I was a master chronic dieter, I was told I was fat countless times. And the only time that I was where I needed to be was when I just severely restricted myself and I was injured all the time. I ended up having to retire from the field of ballet because my body just couldn’t keep doing it. I found myself in the ER having a breakdown with my body. And so, the science of nutrition comes into place about what we’re supposed to be eating for our bodies, when we’re supposed to be eating, you know, nutrient timing, and when we eat is so important and then we shouldn’t be hungry, we shouldn’t have cravings, when we do that, we know we’re not eating to support our unique body. So that’s really what I mean from the science of exactly when to eat and what are those foods that we need to eat to nourish our bodies and we’re all pretty different in that.

Mike: (04:05)
All My friends rave about the food. Cubby is a major league baseball on par. So, this guy goes to Tampa for four days. Then he flies to New York for five days. I mean, one would think that would be real challenging, but it’s not, he raves about not only the food options, but how relatively easy it is. I mean, he’s got no problem with the kind of food he eats. So, talk to us about the actual food, because I know PhD supplies 80% of the food at no additional charge. What type of food is allowed? Dr. Lucas?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (04:39)
Yeah. You know, I found that to have success. It’s got to be simple and it’s got to be easy. And we work with people like sealed in all over the country. So truck drivers who are in their cars all the time and just don’t have access to good food, you know, businessmen who are just super busy, moms who have multiple kids and just running through the day and super stressed out. So we, like you said, we like to provide about 85% of the food for our clients. And that mostly cover breakfast, most of your lunch, most of your snacks throughout the day. And they taste great. So, a breakfast option might be one of our oatmeal, but I hand pick them so that they fall within that range for all the nutrients and the carbs, proteins and fat that you need to drop this weight efficiently. Another breakfast option might be a pancake that you would cook up and put real butter on it. You know, we don’t like anything that’s fat free or low fat or diet. Like all those foods have got to go to create change. It’s okay to have coffee in the morning, you know, real cream. People feel like they’re splurging when they’re drinking their coffee with real cream and no more of this diet stuff. Yeah.

Mike: (05:56)
Doctor, people read about the snacks, they told me about their favorites, Peggy’s favorite is the tomato soup. Kobi loves the oatmeal. I mean, there’s so many great foods and I liked that. I love the idea that you don’t feel like you’re starving yourself, uh, that’s got to be a big key to the success of my PhD.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (06:14)
Totally. You’ve got to feel good. And you know, I really believe that dropping weight is an addiction recovery process. And so, when we look at that, we’ve got to create something that’s sustainable. We’ve got to break the ties with the foods we say we love that are not loving us back. You know, this is a process of letting go, letting go of this excess fat weight that’s holding us back and making us sick and tired, but also letting go of the emotions that are tied to it. And so, from the meal plan, that’s just one aspect of it. And the food does taste really, really good. It’s got to taste good to be sustainable. But then from the other aspect, we also have to look at each individual as a whole person, you know, that mental, emotional, the habits and behaviors that are in there to create sustainable change.

Mike: (07:02)
Dr. Ashley Lucas is with us. She’s the founder of PhD. Uh, you know, I talk about this program every day because I believe in it, Myphdweightloss.com or you can call 864 252 4925 to learn all about this really innovative, spectacular and successful way to be healthy, to lose weight, to keep the weight off. Call 864 252 4925 or go to Myphdweightloss.com. Dr. Lucas, can we talk a little bit about maintenance. When somebody hits their goal cubby is at a hundred pounds, Joey lost over 30 pounds. I mean, all my friends on my PhD have hit their goal weight. What does the maintenance plan consist of? What does that look like?

Dr Ashley Lucas: (07:47)
Sure. You know, I think it’s one thing to drop the weight, but it’s a whole another beast to maintain it. And that’s really what we’re known for at PhD is maintaining the way, you know, 85% of our clients who do our maintenance program, which is free and for life maintain their weight loss within three pounds. So, it’s really dramatic. And so, with us, we will never abandon our clients because I think from a recovery process, maintenance is the key. So, um, our clients will call us, or we actually call them or over video. And we just make sure that they’re right where they need to be and feeling good, whether it’s lifelong resource or nutrition and sustainable weight management. And so, every week, or at least once a month, we’re calling, we’re checking in. And if they pop up, it’s not the end of the world, but we can error correct early on. We see that little creep and you’ll figure out, tweak what needs to be done and get the body back into its sweet spot, where the metabolism is much faster and more efficient.

Mike: (08:52)
When you’re ready, you ought to make the call when you’re ready to take control of your health ,your weight, your life. I know what it feels like to lose weight and how you feel so much better. You can take on the world in a way that you never dreamed possible. My PhD weight loss and nutrition is an extraordinary program. And, uh, I hope you give them a call 864 252 4925 or go to Myphdweightloss.com. Dr. Ashley Lucas, i appreciate so very much you taking time out of your day to talk to us about your great company. Keep fighting the good fight.

Dr Ashley Lucas: (09:25)
Thanks Mike. we will. My pleasure.

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