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Out of darkness, comes light. And that is exactly what we have witnessed as our Nationwide program supports clients across the nation, and most recently, across the globe.

There has never been a bigger emphasis on health than now, and thanks to our dedicated and adaptable PHD team, technology, and our clients who are committed to optimizing their health, and LIVING the PHD program, our Nationwide program is thriving and has positively impacted thousands of individuals. In fact, nearly 30% of our clients are At-Home clients, who have come to PHD from current word-of-mouth PHD friend and family referrals

These individuals – like you – have stepped up! They have overcome fear and uncertainty by taking responsibility for their health. They have made the decision to do everything they can to reduce inflammation and ensure they are in the best possible state (PEAK STATE!) to handle whatever life throws at them. And even though some of their favorite pastimes are on pause due to the crazy times we are living in, these individuals are busy – busy getting well. They are restoring their health, lowering their blood pressure, regulating their blood sugar, reducing inflammation levels and elevating their immune system, so when things do return back to normal, they are ready. Ready to thrive and feel the best they ever have. Sounds like a pretty productive way to pass time, don’t you think?

Now with a robust Nationwide program, you can get well too, in the comfort of your very own home, hotel room, VRBO, RV – you name it!

As a Nationwide client, you will receive the same level of care and service as our in-clinic clients. You will chat with one of our nutritionists, dietitians or expert coaches every single week, and you will receive a customized meal plan, which will be reviewed weekly to ensure it is working for your body. We will teach you TONS about nutrition, as we challenge the standard ways of thinking about nutrition. We look at you as a whole person, so a big part of what we focus on is the mind – in fact, 85% of this journey comes from the mind and your attitudes, beliefs and values. There are many other resources available to you as a Nationwide Client – resources that you will access in the comfort of your own home. And once you achieve your optimal weight, you will enter into our maintenance program and enjoy lifetime support, for free.

We are excited to step up and into another level of health, faith, confidence and belief with YOU!

Let’s Go!!!

Dr. Ashley Lucas

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