Challenging the Standard Ways of Thinking

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A Message from our Founder 

At PHD we believe in challenging the standard ways of thinking when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.  We BELIEVE in thinking and acting differently.  We challenge the status quo, which shines through our team, our program which is simple, evidence-based and customized to each unique individual, and you – our amazing and committed clients.

Our mission is to create positive change in your life. We strive to empower you to step up and take action in restoring your health, transforming your relationships, and age regressing a decade while you’re at it!  We aim to make the overwhelming, daunting, and over-complicated “task” of dropping weight and maintaining it exciting, simple, and effective. We aim to provide you with a sense of hope and allow you to let go of not only excess weight, but also the emotions of shame, fear, guilt and unworthiness that are often tied to it. We create an avenue for you to achieve, embrace, experience and LIVE in PEAK state.

With all this being said, do you know what is the most important thing in this picture?  YOU.  Every time I’m in our clinics and have the opportunity to meet with PHD clients like yourself, I am overwhelmed with stories of gratitude and hope.  You share with me your stories of reversing diabetes, the new confidence you feel when going out with friends, the way your relationship with your spouse has deepened, a desire to date again(!), the way your kids are inspired by your dedication, your newfound desire to get out and explore, and how your physician is awed by your progress and is honestly blown away with how your health metrics have done a complete 180.  I love these stories; they put purpose in my step and gratitude in my heart.  But you know what?  All of this only happens because of YOU.  It only works if you work it, and my friend, that is JUST what you’re doing.  Change takes commitment, desire and determination and every day I am inspired by you.  Thank YOU for putting your trust in us to help you get there and letting us walk beside you on this journey of experiencing your best life possible!

With hope and gratitude,

Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD
Owner and Founder

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