Navigating Through the Holidays

The holidays get a bad reputation when it comes to eating and our health. We tend to make comments like, “Oh, I will wait until after the holidays to start eating better,” or “ I don’t want to [...]


Let’s Do Yoga

Yoga   There are so many benefits of a yoga practice, and I’d like to emphasize less of the exercise part of yoga, which is mainly what is being promoted currently in the West.  The great [...]


Food Journal Benefits

Journaling: the importance of recording more than just your food!    Whether you use a pen and paper or use an app on your phone, there is no wrong way to keep a food journal.  Keeping a [...]


Living Gluten Free

Celiac Disease Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet while living with Celiac disease can be done!  Diagnosing the disease early is key as Celiac disease can cause serious health conditions [...]


Fasting During Exercise?

Performance in High Gear    As I lace up my boots, in my head I’m going through a list of pros and cons on whether or not I should eat before my soccer game or wait until after. If I eat [...]


Shake Your Lymph Up

Get Your Lymph System Moving! Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid your body of toxins and carry infection-fighting white blood cells throughout your body. One [...]


Fasting for Health

Fasting   Wondering what all the talk about fasting is? Read below to find out all the great information.  Abstaining from eating for specific lengths of time can be a beneficial tool not [...]


Get Your Stretch On

Stretching for Physical and Mental Health  When I say “it’s important to maintain your physical health”, what are the practices that comes to mind? Exercise? Aerobic and anaerobic workouts? [...]


Artificial Light Affecting Sleep

Artificial Light = Weight Gain?   There has been a big shift on how we as humans wind down in the evening after a long day; we’re answering emails, scrolling through [...]


Emotions & Gut Health

Gut Health = Your Emotions Believe it or not, your emotional state has a lot to do with how healthy your gut (digestive system) is.  All the parts of your body work together as one system; if one [...]

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