A Message from our Founder

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A Message from our Founder 


Dear PHD Friends and Family,


As we wrap up the whirlwind that was 2020 and bring in a New Year filled with new beginnings, I want to take this as an opportunity to thank you all. 


I want to personally thank you for your unwavering desire, dedication and commitment to up-leveling your health no matter what came your way this past year.  Now, more than ever, we need to support the health of ourselves and our communities, and you, as a part of PHD, took this responsibility upon yourself and did just that, even through these unprecedented times.


YOU have been an inspiration to me every day and have motivated our teams to continue to push through no matter the circumstance.  You not only got us “through” 2020, but allowed us to become stronger than ever.  It is because of you  – your commitment, trust and loyalty –  that PHD continues to grow and is able to share its unique approach toward better health with more people.  I am, from the bottom of my heart, forever grateful.


Throughout this past year, we let our vision and intense passion to help and empower others to live their best life guide us.  We thought of you with each challenge that presented and embraced resiliency.  As a result, PHD helped 835 people (the most people in PHD’s yearly history) create a life change to not only drop weight, but to reverse poor health, and let go of the emotions and mindset that are tied to it.  Cumulatively, we let go of 27,000+ pounds!  AND, because we believe in challenging the status quo, we continued to create and innovate. In addition to never once stopping to serve you in midst of the pandemic, in the last year, we also: 


  • Opened our Greenville, SC office in June, which to date has dropped 3,642 pounds of fat weight!  We did this with the help of our Regional Manager, Rachel Neal; PHD Certified Consultant Jamie Langlois; and, Front Desk Administrator, Tara Walker (who moved from our Farmington, NM office ALL the way to Greenville!)
  • Thanks to our amazing 4-Corner’s team, PHD won First Place Best Nutritionist in Durango, AGAIN!
  • Welcomed Dr. Doug Lucas as our Chief Science Officer.  He is the author of our “research corner” in which he writes and posts about nutrition research and common misconceptions – all evidence based!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do here.
  • Welcomed Dr. Brooke Feinerman to our advisory board.  She has her PhD in psychology and supports PHD’s behavioral protocols, our team’s wellbeing, and our clients who seek elevated coaching.
  • Created our livestream learning webinar series led by Dr. Doug Lucas and Dr. Brooke Feinerman for additional support on topics of nutrition, medicine and behavior, allowing our clients direct access to these experts.
  • Enhanced all of our meal plans and dietary protocols to support all food allergies, sensitivities and preferences.
  • Improved upon our free maintenance program with updated materials, audios, and greater support.  
  • Enhanced our Nationwide and At-Home program, which allows clients the same success as our in-office clientele from the comfort of their own home, wherever they may live.
  • Created our client area on the website to include all recipes in an electronic, easy-to-read format and added behavioral modification audio sessions so that PHD clients may access them from the convenience of their own home on their own time.
  • Partnered with Thorne supplements to provide PHD clients a significant discount on high quality supplements.  Check out our client area for our brand NEW PHD supplement dispensary and affiliate area! 
  • Have reached 200+ users in our Facebook support group.  Email us if you want to be included! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Created a monthly newsletter to keep all PHD clients updated on our current events and provide more useful tips.
  • Created an extensive email series to enhance our client’s learning, support, accountability, and overall experience written by me for support during weight loss and maintenance.
  • Found ways to give back through Toys for Tots, Adaptive Sports, and Feeding America in which we donated funds that provided more than 270,000 meals.


Continued education and the growth of our team is imperative as well.  In the last year, we:


  • Strengthened and quadrupled our PHD team!  Despite high levels of stress and uncertainty, our PHD team remained united as a family.  We have not once lost that.  We banded together with our passion and purpose in mind even with the additional challenge of being in four different states and thousands of miles apart.  In addition, we celebrated six marriages, one engagement, and two babies (plus one on the way!)
  • Linzie Ridings (Durango), Angelica Armenta (Farmington), Mandi Greene (Asheville), Alexis Rachkovsky (Asheville), Desiree Minjares (Asheville) passed their PHD Certification exam! 
  • Jamie Langlois, Certified PHD Consultant in Greenville, who specializes in recovery from addiction, completed her Life Coaching Certification this year and authored her own book titled, Daily Progress Journal. Check it out here!


And, because we simply can’t STOP moving forward, here are a few things to look forward to in the new year:


  • Expansion into Charlotte, with our first office opening (we hope) in June, 2021!
  • As the pandemic resolves, we hope to resume and grow group meeting and event opportunities for you to interact with each other and the PHD Team.
  • PHD team participation in charitable events that support our local communities.  
  • And, of course, continuous updates and resources that continue to make us the gold standard for weight loss in the communities we are fortunate enough to become involved with, and for everyone working through our At-Home Program.


Lastly, as we enter into 2021, we are committed to build on our coaching and resources that will support you best in achieving long-term success.  Remember, that the most important part of maintaining weight loss successfully are PHD’s free monthly recovery weigh-ins.  As a maintenance client, you MUST return to your closest office (or reach out to us, At-Home Clients!) monthly to get your numbers and our guidance/support.  These monthly maintenance recovery weigh-ins should occur consistently for at least 1-2 years following your transition.  If you are a maintenance client and haven’t checked in recently, please take the initiative to do so.  We are here for you and can’t wait to either see you in person, on video, or over the phone!


I want to close with sincerely thanking you for being a part of our family and entrusting us to guide and support you toward optimal health and wellbeing especially during these times of stress and uncertainty.  Thank you for showing your courage, stepping out of the norm, and pushing yourself to be a positive force for good in your own life.  I understand that we all suffered this year in some way, big or small.  My heart goes out to you, and I hope that with all of the challenging times, there were also those filled with light, hope and hidden blessings.  Together, as a family, we will continue to inspire one another and motivate others to create a sustainable life change while continuously reaching for our PEAK!


Wishing you a year filled with health, peace, and resiliency.  


With Gratitude,

Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD

Owner and Founder

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