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Dear PHD Friends and Family,

As we wrap up another whirlwind of a year that was 2021, I want to take this as an opportunity to thank you.  I am so grateful for and inspired by your dedication and commitment to taking responsibility for your health – for being courageous, for stepping up and taking action.

If we’ve learned anything from the past two years, it’s that we now understand how imperative good health really is.  It seems as though our health is really the only thing we have even slight control over.

YOU have been an inspiration to me every day and have motivated our teams to continue to push through no matter the circumstance.  It is because of you – your commitment, trust and loyalty –  that PHD continues to grow and is able to share its unique approach toward better health with more people.  I am, from the bottom of my heart, forever grateful.

Throughout this past year, we let our vision and intense passion to help and empower others to live their best life guide us.  As a result, PHD helped 1,714 people (the most in PHD’s yearly history!) create a life change to not only drop weight, but to reverse poor health and age regress a decade in how they look and feel.  Cumulatively, we let go of 51,000+ pounds!  AND, because we constantly believe in challenging the status quo, we continued to create and innovate. In the last year, we also:

  • Opened our Charlotte NC office in July, which to date has dropped 5,000 pounds of fat weight! We did this with the help of our Senior PHD Coaches & Regional Manager Rachel Neal, and Front Desk Administrator Tara Walker (who both moved from our 4 Corners offices to Asheville, then Greenville and now Charlotte!)
  • Owe a congratulations to our amazing 4-Corner’s team who won Best Nutritionist in Durango, AGAIN, now 4 years in a row!
  • Owe a congratulations to our awesome Asheville team who won Best of Asheville, First Place Weight Loss Center!
  • Welcomed Cooking Expert, Tiz Benson to our Charlotte PHD team and created a livestream “Cooking with Tiz” series! This has been so much fun; we hope you have enjoyed learning from her!
  • Sophisticated our livestream monthly learning webinar series led by Dr. Doug Lucas and Dr. Brooke Feinerman for additional support on topics of nutrition, medicine and behavioral work/mindset training allowing our clients direct access to these experts. To view recorded presentations, go to the Research Corner through the client portal.
  • Are in the process of updating the client portal with more materials and links to many helpful lifestyle tools.
  • Improved upon our free maintenance program with updated materials, audios, and greater support. Our online maintenance client portal is coming soon!
  • Continued to enhance our Nationwide At-Home program which allows clients the same success as our in-office clientele from the comfort of their own home, wherever they may live.
  • Have reached 385 users in our Facebook support group. Email us if you want to be included! Check us out on Facebook and
  • Created an extensive text series to enhance the accountability and support we provide our clients. If you have not been receiving these, please let us know and we will add you!


Continued education and the growth of our team is imperative as well.  In the last year, we:

  • Strengthened and TRIPLED our PHD team! We moved through 2021 with excitement in our passion and purpose of serving others.  In addition, we celebrated one marriage, one engagement, and two babies (plus two on the way!)
  • Solidified our Nationwide team to best serve our At-Home clients.
  • Dropped over 200lbs combined just within our Greenville PHD team members! AMAZING!
  • Kim Yvon (Asheville) completed her health & life coaching certification, Alli Matthews (Asheville) is getting board certified in health coaching, Lori Starr (Asheville) is getting her personal training certification, and Linzie Ridings (Durango) is finishing up graduate school in psychology.
  • Megan Tabor (Asheville) and Jessica Bush (Asheville) have become Certified PHD Consultants.


And, because we never STOP moving forward, here are a few things to look forward to in the new year:

  • As the pandemic slows (fingers-crossed), we hope to resume and grow group meeting and event opportunities for you to interact with each other and the PHD Team.
  • PHD team participation in even more charitable events that support our local communities.
  • And, of course, continuous updates and resources that continue to make us the gold standard for weight loss in the communities we are fortunate enough to become involved with and for everyone working through our At-Home Program.


Lastly, as we enter into 2022, we are committed to build on our coaching and resources that will support you best in achieving long term success.  Remember that the most important part of maintaining weight loss successfully are PHD’s free monthly recovery weigh ins.  As a maintenance client, you MUST return to your closest office (or reach out to us, At-Home Clients!) monthly to get your numbers and our guidance/support.  These monthly maintenance recovery weigh-ins should occur consistently for at least 1-2 years following your transition.  If you are a maintenance client and haven’t checked in recently, please take the initiative to do so.  We are here for you and can’t wait to either see you in person, on video, or over the phone!

I want to close with sincerely thanking you for being a part of our family and entrusting us to guide and support you toward optimal health and wellbeing.  Thank you for showing your courage, stepping out of the norm, and pushing yourself to be a positive force for good in your own life.  Together, as a family, we will continue to inspire one another and motivate others to create a sustainable life change while continuously reaching for our PEAK!


Wishing you a year filled with health, peace, and continued resiliency.  You deserve it!


Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD

Owner and Founder

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