3 Common Weight Loss Myths

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Let’s talk about three myths that we know don’t work for weight loss.

First, EXERCISE! Exercise is an awesome wellness tool and very important for a healthy lifestyle, but is not an effective weight loss tool for most people. The body is much more complicated than calories in and calories out. Sometimes when we try to drop weight through exercise we see the opposite effect happen. Did you know you would need to cycle 1000 miles or run 350 miles to burn just 10 pounds of fat? The takeaway here is move because you love it.

Calorie Restriction: Severe caloric restriction is shown time in and time out to not be an effective SUSTAINABLE weight loss tool, because well… our bodies aren’t regulated by calorie sensors. When calories are severely restricted, the metabolism slows and doesn’t necessarily normalize over time. Research also shows that severe calorie restriction increases feelings of anxiety and depression. Although this method might allow you to drop weight in the short term, there is an extremely high likelihood of weight regain.

Eating Everything in Moderation & More Will Power: Obesity and being overweight is not a flaw in personality. It is not due to a lack of willpower or discipline. Weight gain is NOT YOUR FAULT whatsoever but is rather due to a metabolic scenario that you’ve been given for one reason or another that you can indeed overcome if you really want to. Eating everything in moderation when many of us are addicted to food leads us straight into repetitive failure and frustration.

The process of dropping weight and maintaining it is a complicated one and it isn’t as simple as counting calories or points or counting anything for that matter. It’s not about restricting a food group, exercising more, or eating between 12-8pm. It’s about figuring out what’s right for YOU metabolically, nutritionally, and behaviorally. This is what ultimately Resets the Scale.

And that is also the title of my new book available on Amazon today in which I discuss the 5 Steps to Reset the Scale. There are so many misconceptions, incorrect information, and fad diets associated with weight loss available on the internet, which is one of the reasons why I wrote this book.

After helping thousands of people nationwide over the last decade successfully drop weight painlessly and sustainably, I want you to know that there is hope and that you too can do the same with the right tools, guidance and support in place.

In health,

~Dr. Ashley

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