Can Cold Therapy Help Me Lose Weight?

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Cold therapy, or cold exposure, has been getting a lot of attention lately with its innumerable health benefits. Cold therapy isn’t just for the elite athletes or the polar bears anymore!  In Dr. Doug Lucas’s recent video, he delves into the specific weight loss and weight maintenance benefits cold exposure offers. After much research he discovered that cold exposure improves weight loss and helps maintain a health body composition in four specific ways.

  1. Vasoconstriction of blood vessels. Think of vasoconstriction as the opposite of what happens when you exercise. When you exercise your blood vessels dilate allowing for more blood to be pumped to your working muscles. Vasoconstriction is important for blood vessels to have a balance of dilation and constriction.
  2. Increased cold shock proteins. While this sounds shockingly bad, cold shock proteins are very beneficial and lead to a cascade of health benefits. Specifically, they increase insulin sensitivity and increase energy expenditure, which is incredibly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, and those who are unable to exercise.
  3. Increased norepinephrine. This hormone helps to maintain your lean muscle mass while you drop weight and increases your basal metabolic rate.
  4. Transforms white fat to brown fat. Brown fat is what babies and hibernating animals have. It has a high concentration of mitochondria thus a great source of energy. We want MORE brown fat! White fat is the dangerous visceral fat that wraps around organs and constricts blood flow. It is metabolically active and secretes toxic, inflammatory hormones.  We want LESS white fat!

You can experience these health improvements with cryotherapy, ice baths, and cold showers.  To gain all the benefits of cold exposure it’s important to work this into a daily or weekly routine, while ensuring the temperature is 68° or colder. Below is a list of local businesses that offer cold exposure! Remember, routine is key so work this into your self-care schedule!





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