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Welcome to our blog at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition!  We hope you find the words written here, helpful in your journey to living the most extraordinary life possible.  We know you’re busy and we value your time; We will attempt to keep our words concise, informational and supportive.  As we expand our blog, you can expect to see some articles written by me, Dr. Ashley Lucas, and our PHD Team, a selection of our amazing success stories, some recipes that all of us can enjoy, and posts written by various healthcare professionals.  Please know that at PHD we understand that each person is unique and what dietary/lifestyle approach works for one may not work for another.  We also acknowledge that the field of nutrition research thus far is poor and ever-changing.  Our viewpoints shared will be supported by our best review of the current literature as well as our clinical experience of caring for thousands of individuals striving for weight loss and better health.  We are not bound by conventional dietary wisdom, yet at the same time understand that we “don’t know everything” and will embrace a change should the research indicate it necessary.  Once again, welcome in, enjoy, and cheers to embracing hope, health and continued growth.

Welcome to our blog at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition!

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