Sauna Benefits

What are the Benefits? 


We all pretty much understand that eating well and leading an activity lifestyle is imperative to optimal health and feeling our best.  Sometimes it’s fun, however, to try out different modalities that benefit our bodies in unique ways, that just may allow us to enhance our health even more.

Sauna exposure is one technique that shows a lot of benefit such as increased energy, improved mood, decreased inflammation, and increased mitochondrial growth (where fat burn happens).

How sauna exposure is able to have such amazingly powerful effects on our bodies is largely the result of something called “hyperthermic conditioning,” the changes your body undergoes when it is regularly exposed to “heat stress.”       – Ari Whitten

This form of stress induced by sauna exposure is called “Hormesis” or the “good stress”. Hormesis is the principle that certain types of transient stress on our bodies stimulate our biology to make cellular adaptations that make us stronger and healthier. A good example of this type of stress is physical activity.  Exercise temporarily stresses our cells, and thereby stimulates them to adapt to that stress, which ultimately results in healthier, stronger, more resilient cells. 

Heat stress is another form of hormetic stress which is why sauna use has ample benefits to help improve your health. 


Some benefits of using a sauna include… 

  • Improved mitochondrial health and energy: 
    • Stimulates the body to make more mitochondria.
    • Recycles and repairs damaged mitochondria. 
  • Detoxification:
    • Helps to detox from heavy metals, drugs, and pesticides through sweating.
  • Weight Loss- when accompanied with proper nutrition:
    • Helps increase metabolic rate and oxygen consumption.
    • Decreases Ghrelin (hormone associated with hunger). 
  • Post-workout recovery:
    • Reduces exercise-induced damage and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
    • May also help with injury recovery. 


You can find a sauna most of the time at your local YMCA, gym or wellness center. Even though the sauna has so many great benefits, you cannot reap those benefits without following a healthy dietary approach. Remember, you can’t out-train (or out-sweat) a bad diet. 



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