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ear Research Corner Readers,

I would like to take the opportunity to write this first blog to explain who I am and why I think this forum is necessary and relevant. Whether I am your physician, you are already in the PHD family or are new to our site my hope is that the content of the “Research Corner” will provide you with resources that will help you make decisions that can have tremendous impact on your life. While no health information should be taken at face value on the internet, I hope you will find my background suitable to provide an objective interpretation of the research available on topics I choose to discuss. My goal is to present this information in a clear and understandable format that will interest both consumers of health information as well as providers of health care.

My primary training is in orthopedic surgery. This training provided me with a broad understanding of the human body and the catastrophic effect chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity have on my patients. My residency training in Columbus, Ohio opened my eyes to the severity of our obesity problem. In 2019, Ohio entered the list of the top 10 states with the highest rates of obesity.

This was in stark contrast to my final year of training at Stanford University in California where obesity was much less common. This contrast drove home the unbelievable effect that obesity and chronic disease has on the human body, especially the lower extremities where my elective practice focuses.

During my training and throughout my career I have been focused on understanding and improving research through the orthopedic community. I have been on the research committee of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society since 2013. I helped in the development of an international research registry through the same organization. I have published 12 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals and authored multiple book chapters in this field. My interest in research took a turn when PHD started to form in the mind of my beautiful wife, Dr. Ashley Lucas. While I saw an opportunity to improve research in orthopedics, I was astounded at the poor state of research in the field of nutrition and worse, the unbelievable recommendations that were made from these studies. Unfortunately, the food industry, government bias and media have painted a challenging picture for consumers and providers of care to understand.

While I clearly find this role interesting professionally, it also affects me very personally. I struggled with childhood obesity and have multiple members of my immediate family that have seen weight above 300 pounds in their own struggles. We were strict followers of the 1980’s and 90’s low fat craze prescribed to protect us from the evils of dietary fat. I clearly remember the days of cravings and hunger associated with feelings of anger and failure as I struggled to lose weight following that lifestyle. The combination of my own personal experience, the devastating effects I witness in my patients and the misguided recommendations in the field of nutrition have created a passionate desire for me to help clients through the PHD program and our coaches. I will present the information I find to you, the research corner reader, in an honest and objective way to help you make decisions regarding your own health. There are a lot of voices in this field and my hope is that you will consider us as a voice with integrity and respect for your health. Please use the information here to work with your team of health care providers to find the best version of you.

Dr. Douglas Lucas
Chief Science Officer, PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon


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