What is Emotional Hunger?

What is Emotional Hunger? What is Emotional Eating?

If it’s not in response to purely physical hunger-it’s emotional eating.

  • Almost all excess weight can be traced back to emotional eating.
  • Eating will never address, change or improve circumstances.

Any healthy eating plan will be sabotaged by emotional eating unless new patterns of behavior are established.  We suggest you check where you are on the Physical Hunger Scale before you eat, especially if you are tempted to go off your PHD meal plan. 

The most damaging aspect to emotional eating is that you are not feeding what truly needs to be fed. Some other part of you is starving. Food will never fill that up.


Fact: In a 2012 study, researchers found that when subjects were sleep-deprived, seeing pictures of unhealthy foods activated reward centers in their brains. Increased reward-center activity may make a person more likely to eat.



Awareness Challenge this week: Check in with yourself when your about to reach for a treat or snack and ask yourself some questions from the chart above to identify whether it’s true hunger.  





Tune in next time; we’ll discuss why posture is so important.


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Eat to fuel your body, not feed your emotions.





Written By: Anna

Blog Photo Credit: Sleek Geek, HabitsforWellBeing.com

Cover Photo Credit: https://insideoutnutrition.co.nz/2018-the-hunger-scale/

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