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How does your support team at home BENEFIT from You being in the program?


My name is Doug, my fiancé Jen has been in the PHD Weight Loss program since the end of March.  She was so excited to start this program after the first meeting with the PHD Weight Loss team. That excitement got me on board to follow the plan with her.

I am so grateful to PHD team for all they have taught her.  Each week she comes home inspired and teaching me and the children the great new health lessons she has learned from PHD Weight Loss.

I have been a mountain climber for years.  Each year a group of friends and I hike and climb a 10,000 foot plus mountain in the USA.  After supporting Jennifer in the PHD Weight Loss program since April,  I just had the BEST climb of my life at Mount Shasta!!

Thanks to the life changes PHD weight loss program has taught me, at 55 years old, I was less exhausted, had more energy and did more on this hike/climb than ever before.  IT was unbelievable.  I have also lost 50 pounds, which I am sure helped.

What I have learned is that the PHD Weight Loss Program is SO MUCH more than just weight loss, it is better living.  As a bonus, friends have said that I look so much younger.

The thing I like most is how good it makes us both feel. How much more we get done around the house and we handle stress SO much easier.

It in an honor to support her through this journey and reap these wonderful healthy side effects in the process.  Even the kids feel better.

From the bottom of my heart and the top of Mt Shasta, THANK YOU PHD WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

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Doug, Down 50lbs and experiencing the best mountain climbing of his life!
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