PHD Summer Warrior Workouts

 Bring on your Summer Warrior!

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, it’s time to switch up your exercise routine (GET OUTSIDE)!!! Put those cozy winter blankets back in the closet and grab those running/trail shoes! Whether you’re a summer warrior or a casual hiker, you’ll love these summer exercise routines! Below you’ll find beginner and advanced workouts that you can do inside and outside. Whether you’re a mountain biker or river walker, you always want to start any workout with a good full body warm-up!

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**Check Out the Video for Full Explanation of Movements**

2x 30 seconds
Arm Circles, High Knees, Arm Scissors, Butt Kickers, Walk Outs, Side-Steps, Straight Leg Soldier March

Summer Strength Workout

Beginner 3x

10x Sit-to-Stand

10x Wall Slides

10 Push Ups (Modified)

10x Split Lunges (Each Leg)

10x Push Up Hold with Leg Extension (Each Leg)

10x Mountain Climbers



Advanced 3x

10x Push Ups

30Sec Jumping Squats

10x Sit-Ups

30Sec Burpees

10x SuperMan

30 Second Mountain Climbers

Summer Warrior Workout

Beginner 3x
(Choose your favorite Cardio! Run, Walk, Bike, Elliptical, Etc.)
5 Minute Warm-Up

20 Rounds
15 Second High Intensity
45 Second Easy

5 Minute Cool Down

Advanced Hill Workout

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Charge Hill!
20x Choose Exercise from Box A
Walk/Jog Down Hill
10x Choose Exercise from Box B




*Disclaimer: Please consult your physician prior to commencing a new exercise routine to make sure you are healthy enough for the exercises. Remember to use caution with any exercise. Avoid postures and exercises that can cause pain.


Tune in next time; we’ll go into part two of stress, retraining your mamma bear mind!



 In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about changing your unhealthy behaviors, reach out to us for our professional guidance and support. Give us a call!

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Good things come to those who sweat! 


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