Dopamine, Happiness and PHD Weight Loss Program

Hello, It’s Jen with another candid look at the PHD weight Loss program and how it is working for me- I hope it helps you on your journey.

SO far in my PHD Weight Loss Journey you have read:

  • The program works for losing weight, (down 25 pounds so far)
  • Increases natural sleep patterns (from 4 hours a night to 7-8)
  • My skin is brighter, tighter and less reddish
  • I am more focused in my projects and work
  • The food we have discovered is just delicious
  • I am consciously aware of my behavior, habits, foods and cooking styles- which makes my whole family healthier

NOW, prepare to learn the ways PHD Weight Loss program can make you HAPPIER!

I learned from my hair stylist Craig at Aabani Salon that eating healthier helps your brain release dopamine.  HMMM could that be true? Is that why I am happier and I didn’t realize it was connected to my program?

Of course I Googled it and found this article written by Erica Jolson, MS, RDN,CLT on 10 Best Ways to increase Dopamine Levels Naturally.

GUESS WHAT?  The PHD Weight Loss Program is not only a path to trim the body fat and be a healthier self—it is TRULY a path to more natural HAPPINESS!!

What is dopamine you may ask? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter.(chemical that ferries information between neurons). Dopamine helps regulate learning, motivation, memory, attention, and emotional responses.  It enables us to see rewards as well as take action toward goals.  Dopamine boosts our feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, movement and reward.  In short, it helps you feel HAPPIER and accomplish tasks, reach goals- all of which lead you back to more…. HAPPINESS!

On the list of the 10 Best Ways to increase Dopamine Levels Naturally, 8 of them are PART of the PHD Weight Loss Program to a degree!!

So, now I know the chemical reason I feel happier, but let’s look at the surface feelings of gratitude!

  • Putting on a pair of pants that fit 2 weeks ago and now are too loose- Thank you PHD Team!
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling in control…. Thank you PHD Team
  • Seeing a difference, having friends comment on the changes… Thank you PHD Team
  • Each week the lessons are more interesting and more detailed. I LOVE learning, testing and then believing.

Thank you PHD Weight Loss Team!

If you are reading this, it is time for you to start your happiness Journey!

Book your Consultation with PHD Weight Loss today and start feeling and BEING happier.

I challenge you to read more and start writing your OWN PHD weight loss journey !!

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