What makes PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition different?

If you are reading this, you must be curious- what makes the experience different?  Here is my perspective on that as a client- Hope it helps make your decision to a happier, healthier YOU!

The people are the Key.  Yes, PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition is different because it WORKS. It is different because the nutrition is only 20% of the success and focus of the program.  It different because they teach you the “why” in what you are doing.  They teach you how to do it with the most benefit to your health.  They are different because of the daily breathing exercises, the meditation, the classes and the lymphatic drainage vibration machine.  They are different because there are no magic pills, no supplements, no shots.  There is no severe calorie restriction or push to exercise more.  ALL of these things are just the TIP of the things they do differently.


The biggest thing I have noticed that makes PHD Weight Loss different is the People. YOUR team. The team that really does care.  They pay attention to the homework you do, the things in your life that are affecting your health and wellbeing.  They sent emails and text to answer questions quickly.  Last week was especially harried for me and Hannah, one of the PHD weight Loss team, sent me an email that just said, “remember to breathe”. It made the whole week easier.


If you are scared, just go for your consultation and see how you feel with the team.  If you are ready, they are there to help you find a way to a healthier, happier you.


If you have questions and want candid answers just email me!! Jennifercable12@gmail.com Want to follow my journey? http://destroyingthefatmonster.com/

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