Traveling presents challenges to staying on program

Candid look at the PHD Weight Loss Journey

ALMOST every day in the PHD nutrition program is easy to follow.   Almost…. This weekend I was attending the NC State Lions convention. It is not so easy when you are not in control of ordering your own meal or preparing your own meal but are eating on someone else’s schedule and menu. It does make it more difficult to sit down and see your favorite pie sitting in front of your plate, looking at you, tempting you.  When the fat monster inside you is challenging you to taste it and you still stick to your PHD Program- that is an amazing feeling and a big win, however ever challenging it may be.

Due to the educational component of the PHD program, I was able to resist the pie. Ironically, it was not because ooh it’s fattening or dessert is bad. It was because of what the PHD weight loss team has taught me about how my body is changing into a fat burning state and how each choice I make affects my body over the next couple days. I reflected on how I have been defeating THE Fat Mass and how feeding the belly monster would only make it stronger to fight for my health, thus I embraced the PHD Mantra, “it’s not worth it”.

Friends at my table chided, “Jen, just taste a bite.  It is bad for you to not take a treat now and then. Be happy. ” That used to be how I thought — it was also that thinking that pushed me to nearly 200 pounds.

It’s that thinking that disrespects all the work I have done.

That little bite of pecan pie will not match the happiness I felt lifting that 14 pounds of rice and giggling with my PhD team about 14 pounds gone, for the rest of my life, simply because I WANT IT GONE! No bite of pie will replace the normal sleep I have finally found with this program.

Yes, friends I do deserve a treat, but that treat is another pound gone, another win in fat slaying! The treat is a healthier happier me.

Remember YOU are in control. Do not negotiate with your body. Reach out to your PHD team for support, reread the education they send with you. If you follow it , it will work. But you are in control.

When I get in a position where I may be hungry but the options I have are unfavorable, I picture the joy on the faces of my oh weight loss team when it was a good week.  I also remember the week I didn’t follow the program like I was supposed to and how they were still encouraging even though I was devastated. Only one pound down? And it was all my fault. My choices that slowed my progress. Do I want that kind of week again? NO, NO NO NO.

Personal responsibility, precision in the program, positive attitude, positive results.  PHD Program- Live it and Win by losing!


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