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“Lead with your Heart, Train your mind, and do not negotiate with your body” 

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One of my favorite things about the journey to health I am taking with PHD Weight Loss is this mantra, “Lead with your Heart, Train your Mind, and DO NOT negotiate with your Body “ PHD Weight Loss

To the team at PHD Weight Loss, this is more than a saying.  They have become like family to me already.  Walking me through stressful and tough days, giving me skills to deal with obstacles in everyday life and beyond.  On an especially stressful week at work, my education that week included a quick and effective stretch and breathing exercise that could be done anywhere.  I have used this for the week since and it has significantly helped my stress levels.  A calmer mind and body makes everything so much easier.

The education is such a large part of the program.  The knowledge becomes tools and helps me understand my body and how it is reacting. Once you understand the why, it is easier to adhere to the new lifestyle. I feel totally EMPOWERED to control my body and continue this track to a healthier me.

SO many of my friends have asked me what this program is. What the diet is.  It is so much more than the nutrition aspect it is hard to explain.  The week I skipped my breathing exercises, meditation session and only focused on the food, I only lost 1 pound.  Don’t misunderstand, I was EXCITED to still be losing, but I know I can do better. It totally made me a believer in all the aspects of the PHD Weight Loss program.

3 weeks in the program and I am 10 pounds down, sleeping 7 hours a night and falling asleep easily and stress is easier to deal with. This could be you.  Your amazing transformation  starts with your numbers and a true heart to heart talk with the PHD Team and evaluating your numbers.

Would you like more details on my journey? Follow the blog on http://destroyingthefatmonster.com/

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