A candid walk through the PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition Program

I wish is was as Fat as I was the first time I thought I was fat…   Have you ever felt like that? Have you tried everything to loose weight and get healthy only to still feel blah? Me too, until I found PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition. These writings are an honest experience through the PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition life change. My first lesson with the PHD support team was eye opening.  Real knowledge about how your body works changes who you are emotionally and mentally! Lesson one: FAT! IT’S ALIVE!! Did you know our excess Fat becomes it’s own being in our body? Seriously, Dr Lucas at PHD Weight Loss just taught me that our Visceral Fat actually grows it’s own blood vessels and secretes craving hormones!!   WHAT THE BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP? As if Fat was wasn’t gross enough.  What’s more is that our body FEED’s that Fat Monster – that is why it gets harder to lose weight the more excess you have.  That nasty, lumpy fat that causes my clothes to feel too tight and sucks away my confidence is a live MONSTER inside of me.  This unhealthy deep fat is stealing my oxygen, using my blood and sending me hormones telling me to FEED IT. What’s more, it is telling my body to feed it FIRST. This is unacceptable.  It is time to KILL THE FAT MONSTER!  I have to DESTROY this 55 pounds Fat Monster so my body can start processing at a healthy metabolic rate. Learning that there were other reasons than my lack of will power or commitment made all the difference.  Knowing  that an actual evil fat being inside me that is counterproductive to my efforts was astounding. Learning this was huge in helping my MENTAL struggles with my body image. Knowledge is power. Once we get the my body processing correctly, and the MONSTER vanquished, my body will react properly to the healthy lifestyle rather than fight me on it. Another Mental and emotional stress relieve from the education of Dr Lucas and the PHD Weight Loss team.  Although, let’s be honest, this bit of knowledge is grosssss! Walk this with me and let’s see if WE can do it!  
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