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PHD Advanced Nutrition has now helped thousands of people succeed in transforming their lives with sustainable weight loss, education and guided maintenance. PHD staff writers will present many of these success stories but I have chosen a few to showcase the medical benefits of this lifestyle. Today’s case presentation is Paul Friday, a 42 year old resident of San Jose, California who lost 165 pounds on his 30-month, life altering journey.

Paul Friday was initially introduced to Dr. Ashley Lucas and PHD Advanced Nutrition by a client and friend who also made a dramatic change in his life with the PHD program. Paul struggled with his weight his whole life. He started the typical weight loss yo-yo story at the age of 12 when he weighed 222 pounds at 5’7”. He tried commercial programs like weight watchers with short lived success. He continued to struggle keeping his weight down through high school and early adulthood, and although he grew to a height of 6’2”, his weight continued to increase disproportionately to over 350 pounds. The standard advice of “eat less and move more” left him at best, discouraged.

In 2015, Paul recognized that he had accumulated a weight of 370 pounds, a diagnosis of high blood pressure and a frightening cholesterol profile. He constantly felt sluggish and tired. He slept poorly and describes his mental state as a “fat fog” with slow reaction times and inability to pick op on details. He was prescribed two medications for high blood pressure and two for his cholesterol profile by his physician.

Paul Friday 370 Pounds

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Paul Friday at 370 pounds

Paul was 370 pounds, had a diagnosis of high blood pressure and a frightening cholesterol profile.

He began working with PHD Advanced Nutrition in June 2015 and within a few days began feeling better. After losing his first 7 pounds his “fat fog” disappeared and he noticed significant improvement in his mentation. He describes his change in eating behaviors as “unbelievable.” He previously thought about food constantly and struggled with every decision regarding food and drink consumption throughout the day. Now he rarely needs to plan his meals and has no difficulty making decisions with his available food sources or going without food all together- fasting with ease. Now that he burns fat for fuel and eats to support his metabolism he never feels deprived and rarely hungry. His co-workers now comment regularly on his ability to “sniff the office donuts” while walking away without a taste. He has become an inspiration to countless people around him and can count over a dozen friends with 30 pounds of weight loss and some with over 60 following his advice. The best part is that they have all maintained their weight loss over time.


Paul is now 205 pounds, less than what he weighed when he was 12. He is off all medications and no longer has high blood pressure or high cholesterol. His test results are listed below. He reports that his only medical problem these days is “too much energy!”.   He previously struggled with walking more than a few flights of stairs and had difficulty keeping up with his son at the playground. He had pain in his knees, ankles and back. Now he can out run his son, go up 10 flights of stairs without difficulty and in 2017 completed a 545-mile group bike ride over 7 days. Now when he talks to people about making this change he tells them that this is not a diet, it’s a life journey. He has learned about food, his body and how he can use both to make the best choices for himself. He feels like the tools that PHD Advanced Nutrition provided and the guidance of the PHD Certified Coaches allowed him to begin making better choices all day long. Perhaps his own words say it best, “Look, it takes a food addict to know one, but stop letting junk, processed and high sugar foods control your life. There are a lot more ways to enjoy life than being addicted to sugar.”

Paul is now 205 pounds, less than what he weighed when he was 12. He is off all medications and no longer has high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Test Results

Blood Test Results

TestFeb, 2015July, 2016December, 2017
Total Cholesterol198138184
A1C5.75.45.2 (2016)

These test results demonstrate the desired improvement in A1C (a 90-day average of blood sugar) and blood cholesterol during Paul’s Journey. His results in February 2015 are from before starting the program while on 4 medications. The numbers in December 2017 are near the end of his program with no medications.

Weight Loss, PHD Advanced Nutrition, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
Paul Friday Riding 545 miles

We are so proud of Paul and hope he continues to tell his story and inspire those around him. He is a shining example of what a metabolic shift can do. When we burn fat for fuel and our bodies become fat adapted, all the above changes can occur. In future posts I will help to explain why the science supports this metabolic state.

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Paul Friday - A New Man
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