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Greetings to the PHD Advanced Nutrition Blog readers. I am Dr. Douglas Lucas a fellowship trained, board certified orthopedic surgeon. I am Dr. Ashley Lucas’ first and longest-term client. I am also her husband. I have been with PHD Advanced Nutrition from day one. Both in my personal life and professional life I have seen the profound effects of weight loss and optimal nutrition on my family members and patients. As an evidence based provider of surgical services I have been captivated by the mission of PHD Advanced Nutrition. One of the many skills that I learned in my training is the didactic consumption of evidence. Nutrition concepts range from personal belief systems to federal recommendations with everything in between. In all my training I have never seen a field of science with so much disparity, discrepancy and controversy.

I have been captivated by the mission and success of PHD Advanced Nutrition

I hope to add an educated assessment of specific topics for those that are searching to find clarity in the abundant opinions, beliefs and publications regarding the nutrition concepts that can make such a tremendous difference to every person willing to make a change in their life.  I see the confusion every day with my friends, family and patients. I hope to condense the new studies and challenge the classic literature from a physician and scientific viewpoint for your review. PHD Advanced Nutrition web publishers will mix my posts with success stories and amazing content from Dr. Ashley Lucas. I hope our readers find this content helpful and I look forward to addressing some of the new and long-term controversies in the nutrition field.

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